Hide Your Internet Tracks

If you are a victim of domestic violence, we strongly urge you to use a computer that your abuser cannot access — a computer at work, a friend’s house, your local library or another place other than your home.

There are many ways that someone can monitor what you do on your home computer and trace your on-line activity. Your computer records detailed information about

  • the web sites you visit,
  • the emails you send or receive
  • the documents that you create, view, download or delete.

It is nearly impossible to clear all of the traces of information stored on your computer.  Your abuser does not need to be a computer expert or have special technical skills to track your computer activities.  Your batterer may still be able to track your on-line activity. The only safe computer is one that your abuser cannot access.

For further guidance on computer usage and technology security, please see the information provided by the National Network to End Domestic Violence www.nnedv.org

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