• Amalya first called Partners in 2007. Though a naturalized US citizen, she was from Brazil, spoke broken English and did not quite understand the legal process here. Neither did she realize that Sam married her in 2003 solely to obtain a green card. As soon as it arrived, he packed his things and walked out, leaving her with a 2-year lease, car payments and numerous bills that she could not afford to pay on her small salary. She called us for guidance. 

  • Partners' attorney helped Amalya file her own motion for spousal support, and the judge ordered Sam to provide her with medical and automobile insurance. He also ordered him to pay the rent for two years. When Amalya's lease expired, she returned to Partners for help with negotiating a new lease in her own name. Then, when she had difficulty transferring title to the car and auto insurance into her name she sought our assistance once more. Finally, when Amalya decided to sever all contact with Sam, Partners' attorney represented her in the divorce, negotiating for Sam to assume full responsibility for payment of all marital debt he had incurred. For Amalya, Partners was truly a "full service" provider.


  • Debra called Partners because she wanted to move away with her four teenage children.  After 18 years of marriage to a controlling and abusive husband she had had enough. Over the years she had given him many chances; she had even dismissed four temporary restraining orders. It was easy to recognize that Debra was the classic “battered wife.”  When the latest incidents occurred—when he physically restrained her for disobeying him and then dragged her across the floor, pushing her out the front door on a cold March day in her nightgown and slippers and, later, when he drove her to an unfamiliar place and left her alone in the car, which he disabled—she called Partners. We sent her to the police and found a pro bono attorney to represent her. 
  • One week later, Debra was awarded a final restraining order, full custody of the children, possession of the car though it was registered in his name only, and permission to move with the children out of state. Upon arrival in her new city, Debra called us to say that she now felt safe for the first time in many years and thanked Partners and her pro bono attorney for giving her and the children their lives back.